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Spoonflower Fabric

Got this in over the weekend, my spoils from winning the Spoonflower weekly fabric contest.

There is something so exciting about seeing your print on actual fabric. It's almost like opening up an awesome Christmas present when you pull your fabric off the screen printing table, or undo the knots from your shibori fabric, or pull your fabric off the loom. When I don't get excited about that anymore, I'll know its time to change careers.

But anyways, I am super happy with how these turned out. This is the 2nd order I've placed with them, and this time I paid a lot more attention to color management in making the file, and I learned quite a lot about color profiles and CMYK vs RGB vs LAB. And the colors are much more accurate to what I wanted. The next step of course is ordering their color chart swatch.

But what to do with this lovely-ness? The blue crazy print I think would look awesome as an applique on a sweatshirt, the gray flowers would make a bangin' dress (I got two yards of that), the leafy print is screaming (in my ear, quite loudly) to be made into a poofy skirt, and the birds are so cute I don't know what to do with them.

And, I got a domain, and my launch date is this Sunday!

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  1. Congrats on winning the Spoonflower contest. Your blog and website look great! You are inspiring me to get off my butt and make some new designs. I have been wanting to give Spoonflower a try. Thanks for the kick.