i am going to be more diligent about updating this blog, i swears!

it seems that every time i sit down and try to think of a layout/design for my website i get sidetracked and end up doing something else. today was no exception, so i ended up drawing buttons:


i have a large button collection which i started when i was little. i collected buttons from old clothes, inherited buttons from my crafty grandma, and of course always bought buttons whenever i found particularly interesting ones in sewing shops. i always, always organized my buttons by color. the picture and the sketches are from my collection of white/off-white/mother of pearl buttons. it's so strange, that even now, i remember which buttons were my favorites when i was little.

in short: i still love buttons. i have a crazy idea of doing button "portraits," just a big ass painting of a single button. but uuh, back to that website, fo realz.

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  1. Hi Bronwyn, I'm a songwriter from Alaska working on updating the banner for my website 907Britt.com and I was wondering if I could have your permission to use your buttons on my banner? Thank you much! Britt.