A Sad Bronwyn

Current State of my Thumb

I smashed my thumb the other day at work, (and of course it is the one on my dominant hand) so I now have a sprained thumb. I've been getting along fine so far, although I do have to awkwardly turn the ignition and shift in my car with my left hand, and I have to hold my fork like a small child, but other than that things are alright. I can still draw okay, but things like knitting are right out.

I DO however have some exciting projects coming up (most of which I can just tell you about and not show), and I just finished a project (which I may be able to show), so stay tuned for some more updates soon, I swear!


Vintage/Heirloom Quilt Tops!!


I thought I'd fill my large gap in posting (oops) by sharing this absolutely amazing quilt and quilt tops all made by (I believe) my great-great aunt. The above picture is of a completely finished quilt, queen-bed sized, in a pattern called double wedding band. This sucker is heavy and toasty warm, with pretty intense hand quilting.

Next up: Dresden plates, hand appliqued quilt top, queen size:

Twins! More double wedding bands, queen size:
Oh and these suckers are HAND PIECED (ie not machine sewn!). Insane!!!

One of them has an interesting note written on it:
"Another to Dad Finished February 11th 1932"

But of course my favorite part about these quilts are the AWESOME vintage fabric assortments used. Take a look:

There are two more quilt tops too, some sort of star pattern, and a double Irish chain, which I haven't photographed, but you can see more of these quilts at my flickr.

One of these days I really would like to do these justice and finish them, and they've definitely peaked my interest in doing some more modern quilts of my own.


Seriously Awesome and Inspiring Fashion

These are from Agatha Ruiz de la Prada's Fall 2009 Couture collection (pics snatched from here. WOOOOOWWW! I seriously love these. They are, of course totally impractical, and those are some seriously loud color combinations, but that's what makes these pieces so awesome. Inspired by surrealism (one of my faves), and clearly channeling Schiaparelli (another one of my faves). I wish I could pull off wearing something so crazy. But these pieces are seriously fun, whimsical, and extremely creative. I will certainly be following her runway shows from now on.


Johnny Brenda's


This is a rather crappy picture of Acid Mothers Temple, a Japanese psychedelic band, playing at Johnny Brenda's in Philly over the weekend. JB's is a pretty sweet concert venue: balcony section, tasty beers on tap, and supposedly really awesome food. The band was... interesting, not my usual style choice of music. Good if you are into psychedelic/jammy sort of music. I was totally fascinated by the beaded curtain the background which they project lights/videos on, and I just had to make a print based on it. If I were to print this, the scale would be much much smaller, like a teeny tiny pinstripe, but I wanted to show off the details.


You can find inspiration in the strangest places... and I certainly do!




Not sure if I really like this one, but I really do need more florals in my portfolio, and I thought it would be nice to do one in just two colors.